Monday, January 3, 2011

On Vocabulary & Directions.

The baby still can't (or maybe refusing) to call me Ibu and the husband Ayah, and he's turning 19 months in a couple of weeks. So far his vocabulary consist of:

Mamam = Makan
Pod = iPod (yes, the iPod is his new bestfriend)
Puu = Lampu
Tuk = Atuk
Jan = Hujan
Ish = Fish
Dap = Sedap
O-ong = Burung
Jijingten = Chuggington/ Thomas (he calls Thomas as Chuggington, too)

And the rest are gibberish.

A few simple directions that he understands:

Let's go.
Let's eat.
Let's take a bath.
Sit down.
Close the door.
Switch off the TV.
Go salam.
Go get your chair.
Go get your biscuits.
Go get Tom Tom (his bantal busuk's name).
Go get your shoes.
Open your shoes.

If I'm lucky, I would say "Take picture!" and then he would strike a pose, like this.

I'm sure there are more, but these are on top of my head right now. I'm trying not to worry too much about it, as I've read in Babycenter that boys tend to develop language skills more slowly than girls. I also referred to the Warning signs of a language/communication developmental delay article, and so far everything seems A-Okay to me.

Oh, oh, and he can complete this puzzle all by himself :`)


Natrah said...

My baby also had mamex gold, started on his 7 mths old...the best part is he can poo2 easily, and the bad is on the price..

angkasa said...

Yeah, I agree about the price! Gonna consider trying more affordable formula.

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