Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brand VS Quality.

At first I was thrilled, then I was angry. And now, I am pissed. I'm talking about my purchase at Dorothy Perkins. Believe it or not, it was my first time ever buying an apparel there. Not really a fan of buying overpriced items (RM50 for a basic plain tee? No thanks). Or in other words, I don't go for brands. You might say branded items have better quality. True enough, but I don't completely agree.

Let's take my DP purchase for example. I told my sister I'm in need of new jeans, and she suggested DP, since they were having a sale, and she has the DNP Clothing member card, which means another 10% off. So after all the discounts, the jeans costs only RM86. Reasonable, yes? A bit more from what I always spend for a pair of jeans. Normally I would get a pair for about RM50 at Sungei Wang. But I thought, well, it is DP, so it has to be in good quality. Well, not really. I was in a hurry when I tried on the jeans. The cutting seemed okay to me, so instead of spending about 15 minutes in the fitting room to evaluate the whole apparel in front the mirror (I know you do that, too), I was in and out in just about 5 minutes. So yeah, I was thrilled.

Then I went home. Put the jeans aside. Two days later, sent it for alteration (I'm short :P), got it back and tried it on. Then I noticed something. One leg side fits perfectly, but the other side is loose. Takkan my leg is bigger than the other?! So I took it off, folded it and see what I discovered.

One side is indeed bigger than the other! Gahh! Okay, I guess it was my fault for not noticing it when I was trying it on at the shop. Thank God my super talented MIL managed to alter it and made both sides equal.

And then. After wearing it only ONCE, I notice all this bulu (y'know, the bulu that normally appear after a piece of clothing is worn out?) started to come out. All of my Sungei Wang jeans are still in good condition, no bulu whatsoever. And I've been wearing it for years!

[cue sesi membebel macam makcik]

Once, I bought a pair of bra at La Senza. After wearing it a couple of times, the strap came off. A bra that costs over a hundred Ringgit. Strap tercabut. HOW?!

So, ladies and gents. I apologize for the excessive usage of exclamation mark in this entry. But what I'm trying to say here is, brand does not guarantee quality.

I'm gonna go sulk in a corner now.


reena said...

agree with u about DP jeans ada bulu2 lepas a few times pakai. tp DP jeans agak selesa la jugak. hehe.

Ms Red said...

and i would like to talk about my friend. she wearing a branded clothes just to show off but not because of the quality.

angkasa said...

reena: yes, i have to admit that it is quite comfortable to wear :)

ms red: hahaha yeah, there are LOTS of people who are like that!

Nrfadlh said...

wearing branded items buat kita rasa mcm best sikit. xleh deny fact tu. tp mmg xsemestinye berquality. my topshop handbag dah xleh pki dah psl dah buruk padahal baru jugak beli kot.

angkasa said...

sometimes, barang yg takde brand jauh lebih berkualiti than the ones yg branded, kan?

baru teringat. my Diva accessories pun baru pakai a few times, the colour luntur. oh tensi tensi.

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