Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eating Out.

Eating out has never been the same ever since the baby is around, because he is one easily-bored little fella. At first husband and I would take turn to eat. We call this 'Shift Makan'. But we would have one of us with this OMG-I'm-So-Hungry-Please-Chew-Faster look while staring into the other person's plate, so eating under pressure is definitely not fun.

Then I started stocking up a bag full of goodies to keep him occupied. We call this the 'Doraemon Bag'. From toys to books to crayons to straws, the works. But it seems like he's much more interested in throwing everything from the bag onto the floor.

Then we thought, okay, let's bait him with some gadgets and food. Sure enough, he became very much interested in the husband's iPod Touch. Food pulak in the beginning we gave him Heinz/ Milna Rusks. And like I mentioned, he's easily bored so before we know it, instead of eating the Rusks, he enjoys throwing them to the floor. Then we moved on to Heinz Rice Cakes (RM9 per packet and he can finish all of it at one go *pengsan*). After he got bored with this, we gave him Heinz Biscotti. And currently, he's enjoying Baby Bites. We call all of these biscuits the 'Biskut Pancing/ Weekend Biscuits'. Because we only give him these when we go out during the weekend (hence the name).

There you have it. Our methods in trying to have a (quite) peaceful meal outside. If we're really lucky, he would nap and we would run into any nearby restaurant and try to gobble up everything before he wakes up. But too bad, that only happen about 20 percent of the time.

Ohai. I iz eating Baby Bites. Iz yummeh. Om nom nom.

So what about you? Any tips/ methods that you would like to share?


Nrfadlh said...

i pun bagi my baby eat baby bites. harus ada in her backpack or my handbag. kalau takde stok, if kami makan nasi, bagi dia chew plain rice itu. diam jugak dia. hehe. tak pun stim vege.

PixiePwincess said...

Omg so sama! Ku pun tak tahu nak komen apa. Coz when he eats the world seems a better place. And if he naps, drpd rasa x lapar terus cam makannnn jom!

angkasa said...

Fad, haha yeah i pun kadang2 kasi gak dia plain rice, but dia makan skit je pastu dah tanak. Steamed vege pulak dia siap buat muka geli2 haha!

Ayu, kaannnn?? Kalau tak gi makan, rasa mcm rugi pulak hahhaha

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