Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Room - Part 2.

Hello fellow (silent) readers! Yes, I'm well aware that I have more silent readers than the ones that actually interacts with me. But it's alright, I just hope that you enjoy coming to my humble blog :)

Anyways, I apologize for the lack of updates. I've been swamped. Okay, not really. To be honest, I was kinda clueless on what to blog about. I don't want to update just for the sake of updating, y'know? So today, I shall do another post on baby rooms.

I normally use the baby room in Jusco (which I didn't quite enjoy going to) whenever I visit Sunway Pyramid, until I found this baby room. There are more on other floors but the one I frequent to is located nearby Cotton On Kids. It is clean, equipped with a waiting and playing area, kiddies chairs, sinks, thermo pot, hand sanitizer, changing table, and one private breastfeeding room. The breastfeeding room is spacious enough for you fit in the baby's stroller along. Definitely a two thumbs up from me!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Say What Now?

Image from The Royal College of Psychiatrists

I had a rather.. odd conversation with a single mother of one last weekend. It went something like this:

Me: I'm still breastfeeding.
Single Mother: What?! You're still BREASTFEEDING?!!
Me: *stunned by her outburst* Uh.. Yes.
Single Mother: *slaps her forehead* Oh.. my.. gosh..
Me: Why? What's wrong with that??
Single Mother: No. So, when you breastfeed, tak sakit ke? (touching her abdomen area)
Me: Sakit? No! Why would it be sakit??
Single Mother: No. I mean, you're still young.
Me: I'm sorry, but I don't think I get your point!!
Single Mother: No. I mean, a lot of doctors are not really encouraging breastfeeding nowadays.
Me: *dumbfounded* Huh?! What nonsense! Breast milk IS the best milk for babies. What are you talking about?!
Single Mother: I know giving your own milk will make your baby more obedient, but giving them plain water is good enough.
Me: (starting to lose all means of interest in continuing the conversation) I have to go now.

Mind you, she's a lovely person. But after speaking to her, I had a feeling that something's amiss. So I asked around, and yes, it turns out that she's not quite 'right', due to postpartum depression. The father of her child left her when she was pregnant. Kesian :(

Monday, October 4, 2010

Brand Spankin' New Baby Room.

I am totally digging the new baby room in One Utama!

I was on the way to the ladies, and went all jakun when I saw this. Wasn't planning to breastfeed the baby until later, but changed my mind because it looks so inviting!

It has sofa, magazines and TV in the waiting area, changing tables, height measurement wall, kiddies chairs and table, sink, thermo pot, and about 6 private breastfeeding rooms. And it is (still) very clean! I hope it'll stay this way.

This new baby room is located on the 2nd floor of One Utama's new wing. You won't miss it if you head to the toilet nearby the Maybank ATM machine.

So, no more going to the one in Toys R Us, which is pretty much turning into a dump.

There's even the word 'CHINA' smeared on the wall. I don't know what the person used to smear it with, but it does look kind of like dried blood. Bleurgh. The sight of it is so disturbing that I can't nurse with an eased mind. And it has been there ever since I first started using the baby room, which was almost a year ago. Shame on the management for not maintaining it!

The one in Parkson is not so bad. I don't have pictures of it, though. Perhaps I will for my future entry.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Random Snap 06: Fruit's Sexy Time.

I was going through my groceries receipt and saw this.

Yeah, I am easily amused.

(FYI, the code is for First Choice King Longans. Shorten it and you'll get.. that.)


Friday, October 1, 2010

One Year Anniversary.

Today is the first year anniversary of me officially being a stay-at-home Ibu! How has it been so far? Hmmm, let's see..

It is AWESOME to not have to sulk and worry every Sunday for the fear of getting shouted at during the Monday WIP meeting.

It is AWESOME to wake up every Monday weekday morning and know that I don't have to go to work.

It is AWESOME to not still be in the office at 12 friggin' a.m.

It is AWESOME to have more family time.

It is AWESOME to watch the baby grow up in front of my own eyes.

Okay okay, so it is pretty much awesome all around. However, there are also a few cons..

Unless some freelance job comes in, not so awesome to not get a paycheck every month end.

Unless I bug the husband by calling him every hour while he's in the office, not so awesome to not have adults around to talk to during the day.

Most of all, I miss getting to insult, whack, abuse, attack goof around with these three monkeys.

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