Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tune Hotel @ Waterfront, Kuching.

During raya in Kuching, the three of us stayed at the newly opened Tune Hotel at Waterfront. We paid a total of RM 150 (more or less, I forgot the actual sum) for a 5 days 4 nights stay, plus 36 hours of air-conditioner credit. The room was quite small (ala-ala boleh bergesel bontot if you walk around in the room with another person), but for the price we paid, I've got no complaints. It is clean, has a fan and water-heater. Bear in mind though, that they only provide one face towel, no toiletries, no hairdryer and no TV. Additional item will incur additional cost (just like Air Asia's concept). Unless you don't mind paying, bring all of your own if you're going to stay there.

BUT (there is always a 'but'), there were two things that I was unhappy about. First, we found TWO huge cockroaches in our room. After 5 minutes of screaming and jumping around the room, the husband finally managed to catch it and flush it down the toilet (don't judge him). The second cockroach managed to escape, crawled under the bed and refused to show itself until the day we checked out.

Another thing would be the rude receptionist. The husband and baby were loitering around the lobby and counter area, minding their own business while waiting for me to finish putting on my face upstairs. Then suddenly the receptionist snapped at the husband.

Rude Receptionist Chick: Kitak nak apa?!
Innocent Husband: (terkezut kena sound) Sikda apa-apa.
Rude Receptionist Chick: Kitak sik boleh duduk sini! Sini counter bah!

(Please excuse my Bahasa Sarawak. I don't want to call the husband just to get him to check if this is correct).

Okay, firstly, he was far from standing in front of the counter. Secondly, there was absolutely no reason for her to be so rude. Husband is not the confrontational type, so he just said "Sorry" and left.

These complaints were made when we were checking out. This time, it was a different receptionist and she was a very polite and professional woman. She was very apologetic upon hearing our complaints and promised to look into the matters.

Except those two faults, I must say we were pretty much satisfied with our stay at the hotel. So if you are looking for a budget, clean and strategic place to stay in Kuching, this is the hotel of your choice.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This year's Aidilfitri marks the first time I celebrate raya in Kuching, the hub's kampung. Which also means, the first time I spent the first few days of Aidilfitri away from my family. I had tons of fun in Kuching, and I think I ate enough food to last me the whole month.

On a sadder note, I lost an aunt on the 7th day of Syawal. The last time I saw her was a year ago, which made me feel pretty much sucky for not being able to see her for the last time during raya. May her soul rest in peace.

I hope it is not too late to wish you a very happy Aidilfitri, and tons of apologies if I've offended you in any way.
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