Sunday, January 31, 2010


7 months and 17 days old. He has two teeth, crawling and pulling himself up to a stand. My precious, you're growing up so fast.

(The boy in the background is pretending to be a sea lion. He's quite good at it actually!)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Takut Jadi Gemuk?

So I was flipping through Harian Metro when I came across this London Weight Management print advert. Can you spot what is terribly wrong with one of the models' outfit?

I mean really, why even bother covering the head when the breasts are spilling out from the tube?

Dream, Dream, Dream

We all have a wish list that we make every now and then when that urge to splurge (but no money!) kicks in. There is a list that contain items that are within our reach, and then there is another that is waayyyy out of our budget. I guess we call that a dream list? Thanks to my constant day-dreaming sessions (no, that's not the reason for the lack of updates), I made a list of my own with hopes it can be turned into a wish list some time in the future. Anyway, it doesn't hurt to dream, eh?

My ultimate dream is to own a modern home. It need not be huge. Just a small and cozy one will do, as long as the design is minimal and contemporary.

I'm not much a car person. But these, ladies and gents, THESE are sex on wheels.

It is women's nature to have this crazy obsession over shoes. Some even spend thousands for just a pair. I'm not brand conscious, but these Christian Louboutin heels scream SEXY. Getting a pair would make my bank account die a painful death.

I am pro-Macintosh. Ever heard the saying "Once you go Mac, you'll never go back"? Haha. My Powerbook G4 (or rather, my husband's) has served us for a good 7 years, but we're in desperate need for an upgrade.

Up to this day, I've had about five dreams involving me going to Germany. The meaning behind those dreams? I guess I'd have to go there to find out.

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