Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Moving Fast?

I've always felt like I move faster in life than friends my age, and I'm not saying this to be cocky.

At 21, I completed my diploma, while my friends were still studying theirs.

At 22, I got myself a job at a local advertising agency, while they were pursuing their degrees (no, I don't have a degree).

At 25, I got married to the guy I've been dating since the year 2000, while they were just starting their working lives at big companies, with the likes of Petronas, Celcom, CIMB, Nestle and Media Prima.

Now at 26, I am blessed with a son, while they are either dating, engaged or enjoying single lives. And at 26 also, I gave up working life, while my friends are working their way up the corporate ladder.

Sometimes I feel like a loser, seeing everyone busy with their career lives, earning big bucks and enjoying all the luxuries, while me, just a housewife. I run around in t-shirt and jeans, hair up in a ponytail and face sans make-up, while others, prim and proper in their power suits.

Pardon the sliver!

But, as corny as it may sound, whenever I look at my son's face, when he smiles, how his eyes lit up when he sees me, I realize that all those that I'm missing out aren't nearly as important as he is. I'm happy to be able to be close to him, take care of him and witnessing each of his milestones. There is nothing more satisfying than that. Moving too fast or not, I don't regret any of the decisions I've made.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coolest Baby Book. Ever.

The Baby Owner's Manual
Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, And Advice On First-Year Maintenance

This book has got to be the coolest baby book I've ever encounter. For only RM8.00, my mother-in-law got this at the book fair at Amcorp Mall a few weeks back. What a steal!

I love the clever technical concept (how the author refer infants as models, parents as users and paediatricians as service provider), the look and feel (using only blue, orange and brown) and the design (illustrations and typography). The content is easy to read, straight to the point, humorous and definitely entertaining. Everything about this book gets two thumbs up from me.

I've not finished reading it yet, but I've found some tips under the Medical Maintenance section that I'd like to share:

1. Congestion
If your baby's nasal passages are impeded by mucus, you can bring the baby's car seat inside and strap her into it at bedtime. Sleeping propped up will help her drain the congestion.

2. Hiccups
Blow on the baby's face. This might cause him to inhale quickly and change the movement of his diaphragm.

3. Diarrhea
Add a dash of yogurt to the baby's meal. The active cultures found in yogurt can help to restore her regular stool.

4. Fever
If the baby's temperature is at or above 103.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the baby has a high fever and the baby's service provider should be contacted immediately. Sponge her with warm water, which evaporates quickly and cools the baby faster than cold water, and give her small doses of ibuprofen every four hours. If the baby's fever remains at this level, there is good reason to suspect a secondary infection.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rantings On Manners and Knowledge

During the weekend, we went to Sunway Pyramid and had Ayam Penyet Ria for lunch, which was pretty good. I personally like the sambal because it is super spicy.

After husband and I satisfied our stomachs, it was my baby's turn to satisfy his so I went to the baby room in Jusco. They had an area for changing diapers and private sections for breastfeeding. While breastfeeding, I was rudely interrupted twice. One was a Malay girl and the other one was a Chinese woman. Giving them the benefit of a doubt, they might have thought that the section was empty even though the curtain was clearly drawn. But what irked me the most was not only they didn't apologize, they didn't even have the decency to close back the curtain. Where are your manners, people?

Image from

Today, I was pressured by a couple of people to let my baby drink plain water.

"Oh, look at him! He's thirsty. You HAVE to give him water!"

It's difficult to talk to these people when they think they know more than a young mother like me.

Extracted from Baby Center:

In general, it's not a good idea to give your baby water until he's about 6 months old. Until then, he'll get all the hydration he needs from breast milk or formula, even in hot weather.

Giving a baby younger than 6 months old too much water can interfere with his body's ability to absorb the nutrients in breast milk or formula. It can also cause his tummy to feel full, which curbs his desire to feed.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Work It, Woman!

You know you're SO out of shape when a 50 year old woman can last 30 minutes on the Elliptical machine, while you, a 26 year old woman, can barely last 5 minutes without feeling your legs are going to fall out.

I kid you not.
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