Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Room - Part 2.

Hello fellow (silent) readers! Yes, I'm well aware that I have more silent readers than the ones that actually interacts with me. But it's alright, I just hope that you enjoy coming to my humble blog :)

Anyways, I apologize for the lack of updates. I've been swamped. Okay, not really. To be honest, I was kinda clueless on what to blog about. I don't want to update just for the sake of updating, y'know? So today, I shall do another post on baby rooms.

I normally use the baby room in Jusco (which I didn't quite enjoy going to) whenever I visit Sunway Pyramid, until I found this baby room. There are more on other floors but the one I frequent to is located nearby Cotton On Kids. It is clean, equipped with a waiting and playing area, kiddies chairs, sinks, thermo pot, hand sanitizer, changing table, and one private breastfeeding room. The breastfeeding room is spacious enough for you fit in the baby's stroller along. Definitely a two thumbs up from me!


Lea Shmea said...


Shireen said...

is this in sunway pyramid?

angkasa said...

Yes, it is.

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