Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guilty, Yet Again.

For abandoning this blog. I've been lazy, I admit that!

The baby is growing up so fast. Dulu masa kecik tergolek je atas katil, cannot do anything. Now he's running up and down, climbing the tables and stairs, demanding things and throwing tantrums. Aiyoma!

He's turning 18 months in a few days time, and I'm beginning to consider introducing formula milk to him some time in January 2011, and wean off when he turns 24 months in June 2011. Six months to train and to find the suitable formula for him. Should be okay, right?

My milk supply has dropped, so it has been pretty challenging to make stocks for whenever I need to leave him with the in-laws to run some errands (or go out on a date with the husband :P). So. Which formula is recommended? I already have some Mamil Gold samples, perhaps I will start with that. But I am open to options, as long as it doesn't cost a bomb per tin!

He's pretty much obsessed with Thomas & Friends now. Siap pandai unlock the iPod and choose Thomas & Friends game application to play. Budak-budak zaman sekarang. Canggih betul! Whenever he throws a tantrum, just sing Thomas's theme song. Sure senyap terus.

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Nrfadlh said...

my baby sekarang minum frisolac gold. tak mahal sgt, tak murah sgt. hehe. so far occay je, ikut kesesuaian baby you lah kan. mamil gold pun occay jugak tp mahal skit.

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