Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Say What Now?

Image from The Royal College of Psychiatrists

I had a rather.. odd conversation with a single mother of one last weekend. It went something like this:

Me: I'm still breastfeeding.
Single Mother: What?! You're still BREASTFEEDING?!!
Me: *stunned by her outburst* Uh.. Yes.
Single Mother: *slaps her forehead* Oh.. my.. gosh..
Me: Why? What's wrong with that??
Single Mother: No. So, when you breastfeed, tak sakit ke? (touching her abdomen area)
Me: Sakit? No! Why would it be sakit??
Single Mother: No. I mean, you're still young.
Me: I'm sorry, but I don't think I get your point!!
Single Mother: No. I mean, a lot of doctors are not really encouraging breastfeeding nowadays.
Me: *dumbfounded* Huh?! What nonsense! Breast milk IS the best milk for babies. What are you talking about?!
Single Mother: I know giving your own milk will make your baby more obedient, but giving them plain water is good enough.
Me: (starting to lose all means of interest in continuing the conversation) I have to go now.

Mind you, she's a lovely person. But after speaking to her, I had a feeling that something's amiss. So I asked around, and yes, it turns out that she's not quite 'right', due to postpartum depression. The father of her child left her when she was pregnant. Kesian :(


Lea Shmea said...

omg that's so sad!!! :(

angkasa said...

kan? :(

Amy Z! said...

owh. kesiannya~ nak marah juga bila baca this conversation, tapi rupanya dia mcm tu. kesian..

angkasa said...

betul. masa dok berckp dgn dia tu, seboleh-boleh tahan dari nak marah. nasib baik tak marah!

kokokrunch said...

ada ramai gak org kt luar sana yg tak suke kita bfeed anak kita sndiri.. katanye.. susu kita tak cukup zat sbb kite ni kurus..??!! trpakse thn tlinge dgn org2 mcm ni

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