Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another One, Gone.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that her colleague had lost her 4 months old baby. Choked on milk at the babysitter's house. The babysitter had left the baby alone with the milk bottle. Then she thought the baby had fallen asleep, until the mother came to fetch the baby, only to find him all blue and lifeless.

I was so angry when I heard about it. Why do this incident keep happening? Don't they ever read the news and install in their brains that YOU SHOULDN'T LEAVE A SMALL BABY ALONE WITH THE MILK BOTTLE? They must be utterly STUPID to take such short-cuts in taking care of someone's baby.

Brainless idiots.


Amy Z! said...

Ya Allah. Its was satu mistake yg tak boleh diterima org berakal. T_T sedihnya~

semoga keluarganya tabah.

angkasa said...

kan? :( can't even imagine how painful it is for them. and then i don't understand why orang-orang macam ni ada hati nak babysit anak orang? kalau dah malas tu, tak payah lah! ishh sakit betul hati.

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