Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekend Photos #001

I've been meaning to record my weekends in photos, but did not have the discipline to do so. Always been too lazy to take out the camera from the handbag. Either that or I always forget. But usually it's the latter, heh.

At One Utama. See that man trying to balance the huge ass pole using his mouth? Not really doing a good job at it.

Turns out my lip gloss is the preferred teething object for the boy.

Abaikan the vegetables. I wanted to take the photo of the maid in purple. Husband and I were feeling so sorry for her because she was there with her employer, who were happily eating and drinking while she just sat there with no food nor drink. All she did was helped to feed the little girl, looking all miserable. Now, I'm beginning to notice this trend. Why do some people don't buy their maids something to eat when they're out? Kesian tau.

Chicken Teppanyaki. Hated taugeh with a vengeance before I met my husband 11 years ago. The husband on the other hand is a hantu taugeh. He's in love with everything taugeh. Okay fine I'm exaggerating, but you get my point.

Had our date night and watched The Green Hornet. That was our second time watching a 3D movie. We're noobs like that. Sat two rows from the screen, but the movie was so good that we barely notice the neck pain and the crossed eyes.

Kasi chance makan Tutti Frutti. Tak padan dengan kecik.

Wait, that's it?! I could have sworn I snapped more photos. Oh well.

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