Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend Photos #003

Posting last weekend's photos a day before the new weekend starts. Well, Procrastinator is my middle name.

Subway breakfast meal. Healthier and cheaper than McDonald's!

Didn't want to hear me bebel.

At the clinic while waiting to get his 1st Booster Triple and Polio + Hib jab.

Paid a visit to the newly opened SSTwo Mall. Which is pretty much dead.

They have weekend flea market. Which looked pretty much dead, too. But it is actually a nice mall. I hope more tenants will open up soon.

Currently the best tenant there (well, to me anyway) is none other than Tutti Frutti! They don't have any baby chair at the moment, so I told them that they really should invest in some. They even have a small cosy kids play area, but I totally forgot to take a picture of it because the froyo was demanding for me to eat them.

A lil art time with the boy. Husband and I drew those. Yeah. Okay you can stop laughing now. I just hope the boy will have better drawing skills than his parents when he's older.

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