Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Budak buas suka mengamuk.

I am currently facing a couple of... challenges with my 20 months old toddler. First of, he's refusing to sleep in his own cot. He was fine before until recently. One minute he is fast asleep on our bed, and as soon as we transfer him to his cot, he wakes up and starts crying. We pick him up, dodoi him, and put him back in the cot. Then he wakes up crying again. Repeat cycle until we give up and let him sleep on our bed. How to have sexy time lah like this?!

The second challenge is getting him to nap/ sleep without having to 'bergantung' to the boob-juice machine. Unless he is with someone else, like my MIL for example. In that case he'll happily drink from the bottle and go to sleep fuss-free.

So, how now brown cow? How do I tackle these challenges?


Nrfadlh said...

dah makin besar makin mcm2 perangaikan. imaan pun skang wat i pening kepala gak. sabarlah, cobaan.

Shairil Amirayu said...

my son pun dah biasa tido with us... sexy time? dah lama jugak la -.-" now i just make sure dia dah betul2 tido baru transfer ke katil dia. even then arnd 2am mesti dia akan bangun but now that he's sleeping on a real big boy bed if he wants to join us he would have to come over himself... takyah kitaorang nak dukung2 lagi macam dulu...

as for the boob thing, dia dah dependant rasanya. takde boob, takleh nap. i trained my son from abt a year old to not sleep with milk/boob, so now he goes to sleep better. it also means cutting down on the number of nursing/bottles but thats a choice you would have to make. at 18 months old now, and he's able to sleep without susu. which is good!

angkasa said...

I just had a breakthrough! LOL. Now for nap & bedtime, I would give him formula (nap) / nurse him for a while (bedtime) and then I would tell him "Okay, now babam and sleep!" banyak kali. Then he'll guling-guling on the bed for about 15 minutes then terlena sendiri. Lepas tu baru transfer him to his cot. And he sleeps better this way. Takde terjaga banyak kali.

I think it's time to get him a real big boy bed jugak lah.

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