Thursday, February 11, 2010

Unnecessary Pull Over

For the second time in a week, I got pulled over at a roadblock today. So I stopped my car by the road side, took out my MyKad and driver's license while the cop walked over. Opened the window, gave him a small irritated smile and handed him all of my identification cards. Why irritated? They've been holding this roadblock at the very same spot for a couple of months now. And I have to pass this spot to get out of my parents' housing area. And and and, do I really look that suspicious to get pulled over? Anyways.

Abang Polis: (took my IDs. checked my road tax. read my name out loud). Nak pegi mane ni?
Me: Nak pegi gym.
Abang Polis: Gym? Angkat besi ke?
Me: Hah? Takde lah angkat besi. Exercise je. Kang angkat besi badan jadi ketul-ketul, tak cantik lah pulak, ye tak?
Abang Polis: Heh heh.. (looking at my address on Mykad) Rumah kat mane ni?
Me: Belakang ni je. Roundabout belok kanan.
Abang Polis: Yeke? Kalau saya carik, boleh jumpa ke?
Me: Eh, boleehhhh.. Tapi tu rumah mak saya. Saya tinggal dengan suami kat rumah sendiri.
Abang Polis: Heh heh.. Dan dan je dah kahwin.
Me: Eh, betul lah dah kahwin! Tak caye? (took out my marriage ID card and passed it to him). Ni hah. Dah ada anak dah pun. Umur 8 bulan.
Abang Polis: (looking at the card). Heh heh.. Melepas saya.
Me: KAH KAH KAH (grabbed all of my IDs and shoved it into my handbag). Kthxbai! (Drove off).

Three minutes of my life that I will never get back.

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