Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rantings #002

I met someone I know today. Any normal person would ask,

"Hey, how are you? How's married life? How's parenthood? It's wonderful, isn't it?"

But what came out from this person's mouth was,

"Hey, how's married life? How's parenthood? It's boring, isn't it?"

What the eff? Just because you have a depressing marriage doesn't mean everyone else is going through the same thing. So I answered politely,

"Being married is great. Being a mother is awesome. I am happier than ever."

I was hoping that would shut him up. Then he came up with another bunch of questions.

"Do you and your husband fight? What do you fight about? Do you fight about your son? Do you scold him when the house is dirty? Do you? Do you??"

If his intention was to make me angry, he certainly achieved it. But, while trying not to show it, I asked him,

"Is there a married couple that doesn't fight? Please, if you do know any, introduce me to them."

Before he could open his mouth, another person walked into the room and unknowingly saved this ridiculous man from getting slapped silly.

I don't know if he realized that his questions were plain rude. And what made him think that I would confide in him about what goes on in my marriage? I'd rather confide in a goat.


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