Thursday, February 25, 2010

MIA For A Week

The whole past week was spent with family, eating, meeting up with old friends, going to the immigration and being sick. Mostly being sick. I thought I caught the flu bug, but it turned out I got myself Mastitis. Yessiree. It was not a pretty experience. My body temperature was high, my breast was swollen and painful, I was shivering cold even when I was all wrapped up in thick clothing and hiding underneath the comforter with no AC nor fan switched on. One week on antibiotics and I'm all better now, Alhamdulillah.

Right, moving along.

On Wednesday (right after the Chinese New Year public holiday), husband and I thought,

"Oh, everyone's back to work, so the immigration must be less crowded."

Wrong! We went to the one in Shah Alam, and the crowd was insane. Just to take a number would've taken us about an hour. I heard people saying that they went to almost every immigration in the Klang Valley, and it was jam packed everywhere. But thanks to daddy-in-law, we managed to get everything done within 2 hours, huzahh! We paid RM150 for 5 years validity. So now my baby boy is a proud holder of his own international passport.

In case you're wondering what you need to bring if you want to apply for your baby's passport, here is the checklist:

• Two (2) copies of baby's passport photo
• Baby's MyKid
• One (1) photocopy of baby's MyKid
• Yours and your spouse's MyKad
• One (1) photocopy each of yours and your spouse's MyKad
• Original baby's birth certificate
• One (1) photocopy of your baby's birth certificate
• And of course, the baby himself!

Alternatively, you can check out the Immigration Department of Malaysia's website.

A point to remember if you're planning to collect the passport on a different day: Make sure to bring your baby along!! The immigration won't release the passport unless they see the baby in person, no matter what documents you bring to proof that you're the baby's parent.

And on to the eating part. I wanted to take more food shots, but I tend to remember to do so after I've gobbled down half of the food portion, some even until the last bite. That said, I present to you the photo of our half-eaten Yee Sang :P


Ladynoe™ said...

alhamdulilah dah baik sakit.

tapi best la u banyak susu sangat kan? rezeki masing-masing. lepas ni kena rajin kosongkan kantung.

well berkat dorongan dari you, husband dan orang2 tertentu, skang sekali pump i dapat 4.5oz (sebelah je)

gembira tak terkata.

Lea Shmea said...

ohh thank u for this entry! i've been wondering what to bring if i want to apply for my baby's passport. too lazy to check out the website. hehe. hey how's the mastitis anyway? hope all is well with u now. :)

angkasa said...

hey lea, you're very much welcome :) glad this entry is useful for you! i got another round of mastitis, but it was very mild compared to the first one. they do say that once you get it, you're at a higher risk of getting it again. oh well, sabar je lah :)

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