Friday, February 12, 2010

Save Our Earth (And Our Pockets, Too)

My baby has finally jumped onto the Cloth Diaper bandwagon! My generous and super awesome mother-in-law bought him a couple of Lunatots Cloth Diaper (snap button with pocket), costing RM46 each at Amcorp Mall. We're planning to get him a few more, perhaps the ones with prints on it.

What exactly is Cloth Diaper, you might ask. Please read on, this was taken from Lunatots leaflet.

Concept of Modern Diapers (Cloth Diaper)
Modern diapers also known as Cloth Diaper (CD) is fairly new in Malaysia as a safe alternative in diapering your babies. No extreme chemical exposure to your child as the material is made from cloth. CD is a good choice in terms of financial for couples who have more than one child that are still using nappies. And it is also practical for working parents as it is easy to handle compared to the traditional cloth diaper. Use of CD is also proven to expedite the process of potty training as the normal disposable diaper contains chemical absorption gel which makes your child feels dry and comfortable. Hence the natural process of potty training was delayed.
Head on to Lunatots Cloth Diaper Articles page to read more on Cloth Diapers.

And of course, we need a fashion shot, yes?

By the way, do you know that disposable diapers take an estimated 500 years to decompose? It is the third biggest source of pollution even though only 5% of the world's population use it.


PixiePwincess said...

cool! I'm thinking of doing the same thing too, but only in later part, once I have established the poo/pee routine. hehehe. also because there's just sooo many type of CD around, boleh pening kepala baca ok.

anyway thanks for dropping by my blog. heheh I was so thrilled to link yrs,frm hamster because apart from the awesome entries on parenting tips/ideas, it was the blog title tht captured me. "frm advertising to homemaking" hehehe. I practically made the same move last month.

and now altho hv to admit ada sikit boring, but its absolutely worth it to be stressed free from long hours/workaholic ppl.

angkasa said...

my kepala also pening! nasib my MIL helped me decide. kalau tak entah bila baru nak beli CD huhuu.

yesss, mmg tenang jiwa dan minda kan? i especially don't miss the dirty looks followed by "you're going home already? but it's only 8pm!" remarks. i've sorted out my work, then what's wrong with me going home kan? hahaa

btw, i'm gonna link you as well :D

Ladynoe™ said...

dulu ada terpikir nak beli CD ni. Mungkin masa tu kesedaran takde lagi. Nurul, selain tentang environment kan, apa lagi yang u rasa boleh mendorong i guna CD ni?


you're going home already?

angkasa said...

Save duit, beb! Senario paling busuk la, imagine if you guna 1 CD sekali sehari. Sebulan you dah dapat save 30 keping disposable diapers.

CD ni boleh pakai lama, pasal the size is adjustable.

And then, it's good for babies as they won't get exposed to extreme chemical.

Tapi research market betul-betul before you beli, cause from ape yg I baca, ada brand yg senang bocor. Lunatots Alhamdulillah takde masalah!

(mcm dpt komisyen from Lunatots je aku promote ni!)

Ina Hashim said...

let's save our earth & environment(plus our pocket too!)

i'm having a jumbo CD sale at my blog...jom singgah -->

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