Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy First Birthday

My intan payung. My jantung hati. My segala-galanya.

Dearest baby,

You just turned one year old. Wow. How did that happen? One minute I was looking at a positive pregnancy test result, and the next thing I know you're already one year old. Time just zoomed by like nobody's business.
To tell you the truth, I was so afraid to have you at first. The responsibility, the change of lifestyle and the expanding of body. I was unsure. Could I do this? Could I really be a good mother to you?
But the moment I held your tiny warm body in my arms for the first time, one year ago, I knew that I would do whatever it takes give you the utmost love, care and attention that you deserve. The expanded body? Pshh. That was just a small price to pay for this wonderful blessing.


Ayah and I pray that you'll grow up to be a great person, a person who is religious, who respects his elders, and good to mankind.
Happy first birthday.

Love you insanely,


Ladynoe™ said...


the right way to mention about 'the extended body" is

"the extended body? ala pedulik apa. gua dah skinny skaraaaannngggg"


OK mika auntie noe pun doakan mika jadi anak yang baik, hensem dan kaya. Boleh jadi bestfriend Sabrina.

angkasa said...

ahaks. siut! ko sorang je yg ckp aku skinny :P

Lea Shmea said...

aww that's so sweet! happy 1st birthday!

angkasa said...

thanks! :D

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