Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy First Birthday - Part 2

Coming up with the birthday concept was the toughest part of the whole party planning, I must say. I'm picky, and I can't stand the typical cartoon-themed birthdays. Barney, Ben 10, Spongebob Squarepants dan sewaktu dengannya. They're cute, sure, but not my cup of tea. Fair enough, it's my son's birthday and not mine, but I have to like it because I'm his mother! BWAHAHAHA.
Okay, moving on.
Long story short, I fell in love with the 'King Of Our Hearts' theme which I saw at a mom's blog (and I cleverly forgot to bookmark it). I did the visuals, hubster was in charge of the printing, and sister-in-law baked heart-shaped sugar cookies for door-gifts. And we even had sponsors! Mom and Mak for the food, sister-in-law for the birthday cake, and another sister-in-law for the balloons. Awesome possum, yeah? :)
Can't wait to start planning for his second birthday!


Lea Shmea said...

that's really pretty! hmm just remind me that i haven't done any preparation yet for my baby's birthday! :( booo.

angkasa said...

thanks! huhuu.. you better get cracking then :)

mummy said...

More pictures, pls...

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