Friday, April 30, 2010

10 Must-Haves

Mothers, what were your 10 must-haves when you were pregnant? Here's mine, just for the fun of it :)

1. Kentucky Fried Chicken
I would eat KFC at least once a week. At least! When I try to refrain from eating it, dear husband would come up to me and say "Sayang.. Dapat KFC pon sodap ni!". Haiyo, how to control lah like that?!

2. Oreo
My daily snack. It's no wonder I gained 18 kilos by the end of the pregnancy.

The best website for parents and parents-to-be, ever. Enough said.

4. Baby Oil
Used to massage off the killer backache.

5. Air-conditioning
I would get so hot that I often stood naked in front of the AC. After a cold shower. At nighttime!

6. Cocoa Butter Oil & Lotion
I got a lil stretch mark here and there, but imagine how much more I could get if I didn't use any Cocoa Butter oil or lotion throughout the pregnancy. Penat tu nak sapu lotion keliling badan.

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7. Flat Shoes
I salute those pregnant women who can still strut around in high heels! It was flats for me all the way.

8. Leggings
Call me cheap, but there was no way I would spend hundreds of Ringgit on maternity pants. Good thing I have a small frame, so I could fit into normal leggings till the day the baby was born.

9. Breathe Right
I had a bad case of sinus between my 4th to 6th month of pregnancy. Both of my nostrils would get blocked that I had to breathe through my mouth. I tried everything from Vicks to nasal decongestant, but none of them worked. Then I found Breathe Right, and it worked wonders.

10. Husband
My ultimate must have. My dear husband who attended to my needs, patiently entertained my crazy pregnant woman's mood swings, massaged my back every night, called me beautiful even when I resemble a singa tengah kena sawan, and caressed and sweet-talked to my belly endlessly. I can't imagine how difficult it is for those pregnant women who has to go through the whole process without their husbands by their sides.


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