Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hamata, Mom & Baby

I was reading The Star last Saturday when I came across an article by Nicole Tan about Hamata Villa, located in a secluded tourist town in Myanmar border. The pictures caught my eyes.

Beautiful, isn't it? Makes me want to have a romantic getaway with the hubster.

To read the article, you can go here.

On a different note, good news for all shopaholic moms out there. Babyland is having a sale until this Sunday, 2nd May 2010. BUT! For those who can contain their splurging urges, you can wait until the 7th to 9th May because that's when the Mom & Baby Expo 2010 is happening at MidValley Megamall. I hope this time it won't be as disappointing as the Motherhood Expo 2010.

Apa lagi? Serbuuuuu!



Fadeadsy said...

alamak tgh pantang ah cane nak pi expo tuh. :<

PixiePwincess said...

oo er. temptations. temptations.
babyland tu mcm bess, sbb macam2 ada! hehehe
but I think the mom n baby expo, if I were to go, I will end up buying things tht I dont really need but assumed that I might need to use it one fine day.

angkasa said...

Fadeadsy, takpe. Nanti August/September ada Parenthood Expo kot. Last year punye boleh tahan best dia!

Pixie, hohoo biasa lah tu. That's why before I buy anything, I akan berdiri kat situ pikir 50 kali kot samada I absolutely need that thing or not. Most of the time, I don't actually need it -____-

Lea Shmea said...

jom! i'm going! insyaAllah hehe. went to babyland already. ok jugak.

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