Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let The Complaining Begin!

1. Since the baby haven't convert to full time cloth diapering, he's using Huggies disposable diapers as the unhealthy-for-the-Earth-and-daddy's-pocket alternative. Huggies have been good to his skin and hardly ever leak. But as of late, I feel that their quality has been decreasing.

I've encounter this same problem for about 5 times already. Instead of having it go to waste, I sew it back on and it's good to go. But what irks me off is that how can it tear off in the first place?

2. Motherhood Expo 2010 at MidValley Megamall was mediocre, in my opinion. I even had an unpleasant experience at the You Have A Baby booth. There I was trying on the Autumz nursing poncho when one of the sales lady rudely snatch it away from me, just to pass it to another customer who was asking about the poncho. The customer was the same race as the sales lady, perhaps that was why she didn't give a flying dung that I, who was a customer also, was trying on the nursing poncho. There were a couple of sales ladies who were clearly embarrassed about their colleague and were very apologetic. They quickly got another sample for me, and by the time they did, the rude lady came back to me and get this, RUDELY offered to help me to put it on. I couldn't tolerate it any longer. So I said,

"You are so rude. Forget it. I'm not going to buy anything from you."

and walked away. I don't know whether she heard me because the hall was obviously noisy. But fish laaa, I really wanted to buy the poncho. On the website it's selling for RM 43.90, but at the expo it was only RM 30. *sigh*

3. The ants at my place are starting to irritate the crap out of me. Rasa macam nak ajak gaduh je. So yesterday I went to Giant and got the King Kong Ant Killer. It wasn't until late at night when I opened the box and found this

It should have two traps inside the box, BUT, IT WAS FRIGGIN' EMPTY!!! It took me a whole 2 minutes to realize it. I was blinking stupidly, peeped inside the box, blinking again, peeped again, and then cue the cursing.

Many thanks to Giant and their staffs who were very helpful and gave me a new box today. Jaga-jaga kau ye, semut!


Ladynoe™ said...

huggies dapat anugerah disposable terbaik 2009. Sabrina pun guna huggies. Komplen direct kat huggies HQ teruih ah. Mana tau dapat 10 pack percuma by removing the entri about them ka. okoekeoe.

Anyway, aku gelak kat part kotak racun semut yang kosong ni.


angkasa said...

Huggies mmg best, cuma tang tercabut tu yg tak boleh blah! Nak meng-complain leceh pulak. Tgk la mcm mane nanti.

Kalau ko nak tau, semua org yg aku cerita psl kotak semut tu, SEMUA gelak! kaniney.

qiddas said...

aku masa form 3 pakai huggies.

er.. too much info?

hahahah! im kidding!!!

angkasa said...

I didn't know they make it in your size!

ajjah said...

#2. sama macam i pg jakel nak beli kain, found the kain i wanted tapi sebab salesgirl yang sangat lah kurang peradaban terus tak mau beli walaupun sangat sangat nak kain tu. sigh~*

Lea Shmea said...

tu laaa the expo boring la. sempit sgt! urghh. ended up my husband waited outside with my baby and i went in alone.

angkasa said...

ajjah, sungguh tak boleh terima manusia-manusia yg kurang adab ni!

lea, parenthood expo was 10 times better, kan? i left my baby at home cause kesian dia nak bawak berhimpit-himpit. tau-tau je lah expo macam mane. dah la dia pun baru baik demam.

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