Friday, March 5, 2010

A Date With Husband And Alice

Super excited to go see this. Firstly because this will be my first time ever watching a movie in 3D (yes, yes, saya sangat ketinggalan zaman). Secondly, I've been a fan of Tim Burton's work ever since I saw Nightmare Before Christmas, back when Laser Discs were the shiznit and my mother rented that movie on LD. I played it on repeat mode for about gazillion times. And thirdly, this will be my second time going to the movies since the baby is around. The first was Sherlock Holmes, which was a bit disappointing because the storyline is great but somehow the cinema screen's brightness was dimmed down, making the whole movie very dark and hard to watch.

So, please Alice, don't disappoint me tomorrow! I have high hopes for you.

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hanys said...

me.too!. cant wait for the Alice.. so hooked to Tim Burtons and Johny Depp.. but i just dont like for 3d coz i'm wearing spec, so, it not gonna be fun to watch with double spce.. haih. so just wait patiently on next 11 mac.. hiyah!

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