Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hi, Doc. I'm Sick.

Why is it that some clinics act like their MCs are too precious to give out? You couldn't get out of bed that day because of a high temperature. Or you can't go on for 2 minutes without crapping your pants/ puking your guts out. So you drag yourself to the clinic for a check-up, and of course an MC. After checking your temperature, blood pressure and whatnot, you tell the doctor that you need an MC because you're taking the day off work due to falling ill. Then he gives you a simple response.

"No. I think you should be able to do your work."

Wow. Easy as that. How would you react? Strangle the doctor? Give the doctor a bollocking? Or simply shut your mouth and walk out?

Sure, doctors have worked long and hard to be in their profession today (much respect to that), but how can you tell a person how their body is feeling and coping, when it is not you who are feeling it?

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