Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dua Inci

I always dread the day when I have to get my hair trimmed. The results were often not what I asked for.

Situation #1:

Aunty Saloon: Berapa inci mau potong?
Me: Satu inci saje lah.
Aunty Saloon: Satu inci tarak nampak. Dua inci la.
Me: Ok lah, dua inci lah.

(a number of snips later)

Me: Eh, Aunty. Kenapa pendek sangat??
Aunty Saloon: Mane ade pendek. Ini dua inci la.

(more snips later)

Me: Aunty! Ini bukan dua inci! Ini sudah empat inci!!
Aunty Saloon: Aiya, sekarang rambut pendek fashion mahh!
Me: (refraining from grabbing the scissors and snip off her hair silly)

Situation #2:

Aunty Saloon: You punya fringe mau trim?
Me: Yes, trim sikit. Sampai mata saje, ok?
Aunty Saloon: Sampai mata? Ok ok.

(snip snip snip..)

Me: Aunty! Saya cakap sampai mata saje! Ni sudah atas kening saya!
Aunty Saloon: Sekarang fashion mah buat fringe pendek. (grabbing a magazine). Tengok ini gambar. Fringe dia pendek. Manyak cantik woo..
Me: (speechless)

Mind you, these two situations took place in a two different saloons. But why do they always give the same reason when they screw up on my haircut? Fashion, my foot!

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