Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weaning Off.

I wanted to write this entry about 5 months ago, but procrastination happened LOLZZ.

Anywaayyyy, I received a comment (Not that I get many of those! So kesian hahaha T_T) requesting me to do an entry on how I weaned off my toddler. Since I have no one chasing me to deliver urgent jobs today, I guess I can kick procrastination in the butt and do that entry. So here goes!

The weaning off process was actually surprisingly easy. My initial plan was to introduce formula to him 6 months prior to his 2nd birthday, slowly wean off along the months, and completely wean off by the time he turns two.

I introduced Dumex Dugro to the son in January 2011, but a month earlier I gave him Mamil Gold since I had some samples with me. Getting him to take bottled milk was no problem at all (Though he did have a nursing strike before), since he always take my EBM whenever I leave him with my MIL or my mother's maid.

In the first stage, I gave him formula once a day, usually after he had his morning bath. About a few weeks later, he only breastfeed in the morning when he wakes up and at night before he goes to bed. So daytime feeding only consists of solid food and formula milk. Eventually, my supply started to drop as I didn't direct feed as frequent anymore. Tried to express milk but one hour of effort resulted in only one ounce of milk.

The next thing I know, he was happily taking his formula milk and did not show even the slightest bit of interest when I tried to get him to breastfeed. With him being content with it and with my milk supply was so close to drying up, it's safe to say that the both of us have reached some sort of an agreement and understanding that it was time to end our beautiful breastfeeding journey. (So sad now can cry!)

The feeling was bittersweet. I miss our special bonding sessions, but also relieved at the same time because being a boob-juice machine is definitely not an easy task. But given the chance, I would do it all over again! :)


misha.w said...

i mcm dah takut sgt utk proses weaning off nanti. walaupon tanak wean off skrg, tp dah terfikir la. takut mcm susah je. hrp2 sesenang u. :)

angkasa said...

Insya Allah dipermudahkan semua! :)

asera said...

u heard me!;) hehe tqvm.

btw i hope mine nanti pon surprisingly easy like nervous as my 19 months old baby won't drink using his bottle if i am around.

yup,it sure is bitterweet ptocess.

Julie M Gumpil said...

Wow, tat easy... hope mine will be too.. so far, looks like impossible to ween... summore, He never use bottle before... Hmm.. nways, I'm blogwalking and wish (so much) that u can visit my blog.. who knows u might like to follow me too... Thanks and see u....

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