Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random 002: Why, Hello Blog!

Yes, I've abandoned you for a few weeks now. Truth is, I've been quite busy. A number of freelance jobs came in (Alhamdulillah) that kept me very much occupied (and don't even get me started on the baby). I even pulled an all-nighter, which I haven't done since my agency days. Okay fine, I did pull a lot of all-nighters during my confinement period, but that's not work-related now is it?

Apart from being busy, I've also been lazy. Lazy to open you up and start drafting an entry. But here I am anyway, making a quick one. So please tak nak merajuk, okay?

Silly photo sessions were compulsory when dealing with stress, challenging clients, tight deadlines and late nights in the office. It's good for the soul.

Oh, I know this is a tad late, but happy fasting to all Muslims! :D

1 comment:

Ladynoe™ said...

gamba aku mana? merajuk ah!

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