Sunday, August 7, 2011

Teraniaya, Dianiaya, Menganiaya.

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They say 'doa orang teraniaya akan dimakbulkan oleh Allah SWT'.

Have you even been ill-treated, to the point where you actually pray for something unpleasant to happen to the oppressor?

I have a story to share.

Aminah (bukan nama sebenar) had two best friends. Their friendship was so great that they've never fought, not even once. Until the day Aminah dumped her no good ex-boyfriend. Oh boy, was he pissed. Then he started making her life a living hell, including turning her two best friends against her.

Aminah was heartbroken. She kept on fighting for their friendship, but her ex kept coming up with new strategies to make sure her plans fail. But alas, those two had turned to the dark side and became minions of the evil ex. (the ex was a real pussy that he needed minions to do his evil deeds. pssh).

On one fine night, Aminah went out to her car to go out for dinner and found that her car was egged (translation: kena tempek dengan telur ayam). She had no other suspects in mind, except those two evil minions. She was angry, she was devastated, and most of all she felt betrayed. (eh, kena telur pun nak sedih sangat ke?)

She got into the car, cried, and through her tears she began praying (wah so dramatic wan), asking God to punish the oppressors. Asking God to show to her if it was really those two who did that to her car, they would get into an accident.

A week later, she got the news that one of the minions got into an accident. Just a minor one, some dents on the car and no one was hurt.

A few weeks later, the other minion got into an accident. It was quite bad, the car was a total loss, but the minion escaped with minor injuries.

And that got Aminah thinking. Was it just a pure coincidence, or did God really answer her prayer?

Jadi pengajarannya disini ialah is to never ever ill-treat anyone. Not even when you think they deserve it. And even if you're victimized, it is best if you don't pray for anything bad to happen to the oppressors. Let God punish them in His own way.

P/S: Yes, this is a true story.

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